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Hooray for handwarmers

Weather-wise, it’s been a bit crazy. It’s spring. It’s winter. It’s spring. It’s winter. It’s summer?? Get it together, London! Whatever’s going on, though, it’s handwarmer season. These handy half-gloves keep your mitts toasty during those cooler mornings and evenings whilst your fingers are free to find your keys or play with your iphone. What’s not to love?

I chose this project specifically to try out the Manos Silk Blend that we have in the shop. It’s beautiful and silky soft and comes in the most amazing colours. The pattern is from the Purl Bee, who have a thing for hand warmers, and I adpated it for the Manos using another hand warmer pattern in More Last Minute Knitted Gifts (the main pattern was designed for Anzula Squishy). My adaptation worked perfectly – I used 3.5mm bamboo DPNs from Clover and cast on 40 stitches instead of 50 – and I’m planning on posting my notes to Ravelry when I get the chance!

I knitted these hand warmers a couple of weeks ago whilst I was unfortunately spending a little too much time in NHS waiting rooms. I can’t tell you what a good idea it is to bring a simple knitting project with you to the waiting room! The pattern required just enough thought to keep my mind occupied but was not so complex I couldn’t get into a comforting rhythm, moving from one DPN to the next to the next. Manos Silk Blend was lovely to work with and the colours were soothing – very important when your patience is being put to the test. The fact that they knitted up quickly was also immensly satisfying. Maddie admired these so many times as I was making them that I’ve started a mini pair for her – there is enough yarn in a skein to do both sets!

If you want to try making hand warmers like mine, I’ve added a little kit to the shop here.

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