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How do you like to find out what’s happening at The Village Haberdashery? We try to alert our customers about new products, sales, project ideas, surveys and all sorts of good information in lots of different ways so that you can find out about stuff in whichever way fits your life best. Here is a round up:


We spend a lot of time trying to make our newsletters pretty! Just last month we divided our content into two newsletters so on Wednesdays you get a new product update and on Saturdays you get a round up of the best content from The Daily Stitch. I hope you like this new system and your feedback is always welcome! If you’re not a newsletter subscriber yet, you can sign up here.

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Instagram is my total fave. It’s so fast and easy, which means it is almost always the very first place you’ll find out about new products. As soon as we pop open a box we try to get a snap. If you’re on Instagram you can follow us @vhaberdashery. We’ve also set up the hashtag #tvhhaul for you to share photos of your makes and purchases and win prizes! We repost lots of photos of your makes to share the inspiration and help our customers find each other.


Instagram recently announced plans to change the way they deliver content in your feed. Here is one way to make sure you always get our posts!

Step 1: Find us on Instagram and click on the three little dots at the top right of the screen.

Get your fix!

Step 2. Click on Turn on Post Notifications.

Get your Instagram fix

The Daily Stitch

If you’re reading this post you’ve obviously found our blog! Here we try to post lots of project ideas, inspiration, interviews and all sorts of fun stuff in addition to our new product updates. This is not the fastest possible way to get product updates because blog posts take more time than Instagram, but I’m trying to include more lifestyle photos of the products here when I have access to them, so it’s a good place to visit for ideas. You can follow The Daily Stitch on Bloglovin’ if that makes your life easier.

The Daily Stitch on Bloglovin'!


We’ve been spending more and more time on Pinterest! We have boards for Customer Makes, New Products, The Daily Stitch Tutorials, Shop Windows and more. Plus we’re working hard to create more inspirational boards for you to help you see how you can use products like seersucker, double gauze, plaids, pom-pom trims are other cool things. Or you can just follow everything we’re throwing out there on



Everything we share on Instagram or our blog also goes up on Facebook so if you like using Facebook, you may want to get your updates from us that way. You can find our page at

The Village Haberdashery on Facebook

Over the past year, Facebook has made it really difficult for users to see content from brands you Like so you may not see our updates in your feed or you actually may see it in your feed late (which is really bad for flash sales!) I found out about two ways to deal with this if you want to: 1) click on your Pages Feed in the left sidebar of your News Feed to see updates from all the pages you follow and 2) when you’re on our page, click the arrow next to the Liked button and select Get Notifications from the drop down menu that appears.

Make sure you get our updates on Facebook


Just like Facebook, everything we share on Instagram or our blog also goes up on Twitter, so if you like Twitter best, you can follow us @vhaberdashery.

The Village Haberdashery on Twitter

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