How to spend a gift card issued before 22 July 2018

We relaunched our website over the weekend and we're aware that our existing gift card codes won't work any longer. However, we can't contact everyone with new gift card codes because a) the old system wasn't set up to do that and b) they are gifts, so we don't have recipient contact details anyway. But rest assured: we have a database of all of the gift cards codes that have ever been issued and the remaining balances and if you have a gift card to spend, we'll help you spend it!

The Village Haberdashery gift card

It will take an extra step, but if you have a gift card, simply drop us an email, call us or pop into the shop with the old code and we can re-issue a new gift card for the remaining balance. Unfortunately if you don't have your old code, we aren't able to look it up for you.


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