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How to use rubber stamps to decorate a blank book

I decided to keep going with my blank book project (see last week’s cross stitched notebook here) and this week I played around with rubber stamps to decorate a little notebook to put in my bag for Harvey to colour in. He’s at the age where he knows his letters and recognises his name, so he LOVES finding his name. I knew a personalised notebook would be a hit!

Rubber stamp blank book tutorial

This is a pretty easy project, and an excellent one for older kids to do themselves. This could even be a fun party game! But I can’t remember the last time I used rubber stamps so I definitely needed practice. In fact, my original design idea (all letters) didn’t look as good to me on paper as it did in my head so I was glad I worked it out on scrap card first. Still, my final notebook isn’t perfect, but I’m sure Harvey won’t notice!

Rubber stamp blank book tutorial

Here are the materials I used for my book:

*Blank book
*Stamp and Ink Set – ABC and Numbers
*Stamp and Ink Set – Monsters

Rubber stamp blank book tutorial
Rubber stamp blank book tutorial

Here are a few tips I picked up from practice and looking around the web:

*Press down firmly in the ink and then firmly on the paper, but be careful not to roll the stamp at all or the corners will touch the paper and leave a mark (you can see evidence of this in two places on my finished notebook).

*Wash your stamps if you change colours. It will mess up your printing and your ink pad if you don’t!

*For wood mounted stamps like these, it is quickest and easiest to wash them with alcohol-free and aloe-free baby wipes. Don’t use soap and water because it will loosen the adhesive. Also stay away from acetone, bleach or any oil-based cleaner for either acrylic or wood-mounted stamps.

Here is my first-ever gif demonstrating my stamping progress! I used this tutorial in case you want to try it too.

Rubber stamp blank book tutorial

How fun, right? Grab your notebook and some coloured pencils, toss them in your bag and its entertainment to go.

Rubber stamp blank book tutorial

We hope you’ll share all the notebooks you decorate with us on Instagram! Remember to tag them #tvhhaul and you could win prizes.

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