In-between-weather cowl

It felt like forever since I’d done any knitting so I picked up a favourite pattern and made myself what I’m now calling the “in-between-weather cowl.” This is the Mobius Cowl or Cowl With a Twist that Whitney at the Purl Bee came up with, but without the contrasting stripe (I love the contrasting stripe, by the way, I’ve just never done it that way). It’s made with a simple garter stitch knit in the round but you twist your project. I knit enough to feel like a real rebel twisting my project when knitting in the round. It feels so wrong but the result is a lovely twist in your cowl which looks so right! You can find Purl’s pattern here.

This is my third time knitting this pattern and this time I used¬†Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Valentine. This yarn is gorgeous and incredibly soft and cozy. It’s a real pleasure to knit with.¬†The colours in Valentine range from watermelon to brick and I think this cowl really shows them off. One skein was perfect for this pattern.

I’m calling it the in-between-weather cowl because we’re experiencing such crazy weather – one moment sunny and warm, the next pouring rain. A girl needs to be prepared for every weather event and this cowl works a treat. It’s warm but can also be really light depending on the yarn you choose.¬†And it is very versatile – to demonstrate, we took a few silly pics showing ways you could wear it in different weather scenarios.

Here is the look to start with:

Your can cover your face if it gets a bit chilly:

Or pull it over your hair if you get caught in the rain:

And when the sun comes out, it’s small enough to tuck away easily!

Here is a look at the same cowl that I knit last year but in a gorgeous cobalt blue Duke Silk Yarn from Fibres Exotica. As you can see, your choice of yarn will make a big difference to how much structure your cowl will have.

Don’t you love a nice cowl?

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