Introducing Cotton + Steel Remixes!

The Cotton + Steel designers loved the way their collections and basics could be mixed and matched, so they created three new groups called Remixes. A Remix is a selection of designs from across all of the Cotton + Steel collections that tells its own story and has its own distinct look and feel. We’ve created build your own bundle options for these three Remixes to make it easy to browse them!

Porch Picnic brings to mind a pleasant summer afternoon relaxing on a front porch with prints that feature butterflies, bees, flowers and buttons.

Cotton + Steel Porch Picnic Remix

Pony Express is a whimsical take on its namesake, with horses, postage stamps, arrows, animals grazing on the plains and plenty of colourful supporting prints and basics.

Cotton + Steel Pony Express Remix

At the Zoo is perfect for sewing for children, with its blues, oranges and golden dots. There are lions and tigers and even penguins hidden within the stamps.
Cotton + Steel At the Zoo Remix


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