Investor tote bags are here! #wearetvh

We’re super excited that our exclusive investor tote bags shipped out this week! I saved this post in the hopes that most of you would be able to open them and have a fun surprise before seeing pics online. If you’re getting one but didn’t expect it – that may be because we had to order more than the exact amount we needed and sent quite a few to investors that invested less than £100. So yay for that!

I invested in The Village Haberdashery tote bag

If you’re an investor and want to use this graphic as a badge for your blog, we’d love that too! Here is the design on its own as a png file.

I invested in The Village Haberdashery blog badge

I so hope you love your new bag and carry it with pride! If you snap a pic please share it on Instagram with the tag #wearetvh!

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