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Julie’s little house doorstop tutorial

Today we have another fun tutorial from Julie of forestpoppy! She stitched up this sweet little house doorstop in Christmas fabrics, which makes it festive and functional – and that’s the kind of thing we can’t get enough of around here! Of course, you could sew it up in non-seasonal fabrics, but I could totally see this being the kind of thing you whip up a few of and change with the seasons – wouldn’t that be so fun? Read on for Julie’s tutorial and pop to the shop to check out our Christmas fabrics! Thanks, Julie!

There is nothing more annoying than a door that won’t stay where it is supposed to be – I made this little house doorstop in lovely wintry fabrics.


Seam allowance 1/4″ unless otherwise stated


1. cut the following:

a) from wall fabric – 2 pieces 8 x 6″ and 2 pieces 6 x 6″

b) from roof fabric – 2 pieces 8 x 6″ and 2 pieces 6 x 6 x 6″ (see step 2 for instructions to make equilateral triangle template)

c) from base, door and window fabric cut – 1 piece 8 x 6″, 1 piece 1 1/2 x 4″ and 2 pieces 1 1/2 x 1 1/2″

d) from batting cut – 5 pieces 8 x 6″, 2 pieces 6 x 6″ and 2 pieces 6 x 6 x 6″

2. To make an equilateral triangle template first, on a piece of card or paper, measure and mark a 6″ line. Position the 60 degrees line on your quilting ruler along the 6″ line just marked – with the end of the 60 degrees line on your ruler at the end of the 6″ line on the card – and draw a second 6″ line on the card. Finally join these 2 lines with a third……..if you have drawn your triangle correctly the last line will also measure 6″ (see photo)

creating equilateral triangle template

Making 6″ equilateral triangle template

3. Baste the batting pieces to wrong side of corresponding fabric pieces (4 roof pieces, 4 wall pieces and 1 base piece) with a 1/8″ seam. Treat as one piece of fabric thereafter

basting batting to fabric

Basting batting to fabric

4. Mark 1″ lines across the width of the 8 x 6″ roof pieces, and by positioning one triangle side against one 6″ rectangular roof end to locate the positions, across the triangular roof pieces. Sew a decorative stitch along these lines to suggest roof slates

decorative stitching for doorstop house roof

decorative stitch for roof slates

5. Glue the wrong side of the door and windows with a glue stick and then position on one 8 x 6″ wall piece. Sew round fabric edges to hold in place and then add window and door details, mine were deliberately slightly irregular and naïve (and included an attempt at a wreath in honour of the season!)

windows and door, with wreath, fabric house

Sewing door and window details

6. Sew all 4 walls right sides together along 6″ sides

sewing house walls together

Sew walls together

7. Pin base piece to house walls with right sides together and sew to join, taking care at the corners. This can seem a little tricky but is fine if you take it slowly and use lots of pins

attaching house base

Pin and sew base to walls

8. Sew both 8 x 6″ roof pieces right sides together along one 8″ edge, leaving a 4″ gap in the middle for turning later

9. With right sides together add the triangular roof end pieces, pinning 2 sides of each triangle piece to either end of the 6″ short rectangular roof side pieces. Sew and turn carefully at the triangular top point

10. With right sides together place roof upside down inside the house, pin and sew along top of walls and bottom of roof

attaching roof to walls of fabric doorstop house

Join house and roof right sides together

11. Turn right side out through the hole in the roof, press and ‘encourage’ into shape

before pressing and stuffing

House doorstop after turning and before pressing

12. Fill house almost to top of walls with rice or beans, then add a few layers of batting (cut to size at 8 x 6″) on top of the filling to help hold the shape), finally fill the roof with stuffing

13. Sew the gap closed with your preferred stitch (mine is ladder stitch)

winter house doorstop

Finished house doorstop

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