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Katherine Heigl loves Knit Collage!

I’ve been head-down non-stop working on building our shop site, which is time consuming but so exciting. Opening The Village Haberdashery feels a lot like Christmas every day. New stock arrives all the time and it’s a thrill! One package I was highly anticipating was my delivery of Knit Collage yarns. Knit Collage’s hand-crafted yarns are incredibly special and each skein is truly one-of-a-kind. I’ve hand-picked a selection that you’re going to go crazy for, I just know it.

So I haven’t had time to sew, knit, quilt or generally produce anything crafty worth blogging about lately because of the shop-building, but I really could not not jump in ever so briefly to tell you that Katherine Heigl was spotted shopping in New York with a basket full of Pixie Dust yarn from Knit Collage in Peach Ginger. One of the yarns we’ll be selling in the shop!

Here is the picture, found on the Knit Collage blog but originally from the Daily Mail. I am not positive but I think Kathryn is at Purl Soho, which is The Village Haberdashery’s idol.

Here’s a sneak peak at the photo I’m just about to upload to the shop!

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