Kelly’s Lucky quilt tutorial (an Irish Chain quilt)

Another beautiful quilt from Kelly of Jeliquilts! Kelly likes a creative challenge so for this quilt, Charlotte and I picked out a stack of fabrics to co-ordinate with the palette we chose for the garments we wanted to feature in the latest shop window display. Then I sent it off to Kelly and let her work her magic. The result is a gorgeous Irish Chain quilt that is fresh and bright and so inviting.


This quilt has been on display in the shop for a couple of weeks now and has received so many compliments! I’m thrilled to finally share Kelly’s tutorial with you.

Fabric requirements

• 10 fat quarters in two colour groups (I used five blue and five green)
• 2 m background fabric (I used Kona bleached white)
• Lap sized wadding (56” x 67”)
• 1.75 m of 108” wide or 3 m of 42” wide fabric for backing
• 0.5 m for binding or make scrappy binding from the fat quarters

Annie’s note: we’ve created a very similar bundle to the one Kelly used and you can find it in the shop here.



• Finished block size 10.5”
• Finished quilt size 52” x 67”
• Seam allowance is ¼” unless stated otherwise
• WOF = width of fabric

Cutting & preparation

Green FQs
Cut (5) 2”x WOF strips from each FQ and sub cut into (42) 2” squares per set, for a total of 210 squares.

Blue FQs
Cut (4) 2” x WOF strips from each FQ and sub cut into (36) 2” squares per set, for a total of 180 squares.

Background fabric
Cut (18) 2” x WOF strips and sub cut into (360) 2” squares.
Cut (15) 3.5” x WOF strips and sub cut into (120) 3.5” x 5” strips.

Binding fabric
For scrappy binding cut 2.5” x WOF strips from the left over FQs. You will need about 234”.

Backing fabric
For 42”-44” wide fabric – cut the 3m in half and sew together using a 3/8” seam allowance. Press the seam open. Backing needs to be 56” x 67”.

Making the mini blocks

NB: Press the seams well after each stage.

Make 2-patch blocks


Sort (24) 2” squares from each of the 10 designs and sew together with 2” background square. Chain stitching will make this process go an awful lot faster!

You will end up with (120) green 2-patch blocks and (120) blue 2-patch blocks. Press seams well.

Make 4-patch blocks


Sort the (120) green blocks into pairs and sew together to make (60) 4-patch blocks. Again, chain stitching will speed things up.

Repeat with the Blue 2-patch blocks to make (60) 4-patch blocks. Press seams well.

Make 9-patch blocks


From the remaining 2” green squares, sort six of each design.

Sew a 2” background square to either side to make 30 blocks.

Sort all the remaining squares (12 of each design for both colours) of both colours into pairs (one green, one blue). Sew these either side of a 2” background square to make a total of 60 blocks.

Sort strips to avoid too many repeats in design and sew into (30) 9-patch blocks. Chain piecing really is your best friend here ;-). Press seams well.

Assembling the Irish chain block

Refer to the assembly diagram.

Figure 4 (Medium)

The fabrics that I used were non-directional, if you are using directional prints I suggest you carefully consider your layout before sewing.

Assembling the quilt top

Refer to layout diagram.

Figure 5 (Medium)

There should be a green square in the top left corner of each block as you lay them out.

Sew rows 1 – 5 together and press seams.

Sew rows A – F together and press seams.

Press the quilt top really well and remove any loose threads from the back.

Basting & quilting

Make the quilt sandwich, basting using your preferred method. Quilt as desired. I quilted a wonky wavy design with my walking foot, using an off-white 50wt Aurifil thread (#2021). This gave a lovely texture to the quilt but didn’t detract from the quilt design.

Cut away excess wadding and backing and square the quilt up.


For scrappy binding, join the strips cut from the leftover FQs end to end until you have about 234”. Alternatively, cut (6) 2.5” x WOF strips from a single fabric and join end to end. Fold binding in half lengthwise and press well.

Attach binding by machine using a 1/4” seam and then finish by hand or machine.

Sit back and admire!




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