Kitsch kitchen tea towel tutorial

With its retro coffee pots and vintage florals, Ruby Star Shining is just absolutely perfect for kitchens. I’ve been envisaging these prints as tea towels for ages and I finally sewed up a set as a wedding gift for my soon to be sister in law. You can see them now on our home page!

These tea towels are super easy and produce a very professional looking result, if I do say so myself. I found the idea for twill-tape trim after browsing the Purl Bee – they used ribbon trim in their Simple Dishtowels. Linen is an extremely absorbent fibre, so these linen-blend tea towels are practical as well as pretty!

Here is what you need to make three towels:

  • Three pieces of Ruby Star Shining that measure 45cm x 65cm (if you buy 3 quantities of a print in the shop, you’ll have enough for two tea towels from that piece)
  • Twill tape or ribbon (approx 250cm per towel)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Loads of pins

1. Cut your fabric if you haven’t already.

2. Fold and press each raw edge 1cm to the back. If you’re using a solid fabric instead, like Purl, you could press it to the front. The ribbon will be applied to whichever side you press to. Carefully fold in and pres the corners as shown in the picture:

3.  Pin the tape over the top of the raw, folded edge.

4. When you get to a corner, fold the tape back on itself to form a 45 degree angle as shown below.

5. At the upper left hand corner, you’re going to make a loop rather than a fold. After you’ve pinned all the way around, leave a tail of about 3cm.

4. Now carefully sew along the outside edge of the tape, back-stitching at the beginning. Keep those stitches straight – they show through on the front!

5. When you get to the corners, leave the needle down and pivot.

6. When you get to the end, fold that tail under and stitch it down neatly.

7. Now sew all the way around on the inside of the tape.

Repeat for each tea towel. Then look at your pretty work!

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