Knitted jumper dress

This raspberry-coloured jumper dress is the most substantial knitting project I’ve made.

This pattern is the Girl’s cap sleeved spring top by Shellee Floyd, found on Ravelry.



I won’t share the pattern here because it is $5, but if you do get the pattern and you‚Äôd like to try turning it into a dress, here is the method I used.¬†When you’ve reached the bottom of the ribcage, you’ll start increasing directly down the sides. On the first increase round, m1 on the side, k to the other side, m1 and k to the other side. Next¬†k 5 rounds without increasing. Then increase again, this time increasing by two stitches on each side – m1 k1 m1 directly below the previous m1, k to the other side, m1 k1 m1. Continue until you like the length.

If this doesn’t make sense, maybe the picture will. I think this method looks nice and neat:


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