Knitting inspiration for Knit the Bed hand-dyed yarn!

We're so excited to have Knit the Bed Silk Blend and Sock yarn in stock! Each skein is hand-dyed in London by Abby Kennedy and is one of a kind. We invited Abby to share some knitting inspiration for her gorgeous yarn. Ready for a colourful new project? Read on!

Knit the Bed yarn

Here at Knit the Bed, we like to think of ourselves as slightly quirky and humorous, but most importantly with awesome fantastic yarn. As we say, yarn that makes you want to do your happy dance.

We mostly specialise in 4ply yarn, or as our friends over the pond would say ‘fingering’. Which mostly makes me snicker a little! Anyway, the reason for this is the versatility. One 100g skein can do so many different things.

We have two main bases, a sock yarn which is 75% Superwash Merino, and 25% Nylon. And a silk blend which is 80% Superwash Merino and 20% Silk. Both are gorgeously squishy, and both can be machine washed at 30oC, because let’s face it, life’s too short for handwashing!!

So, I have put together a couple of different ideas if you fall in love with one of our skeins, but don’t have a project in mind. All of these are available as free downloads from Ravelry.

The Obvious

Socks. There’s so many different patterns, types, techniques. This is really a personal preference thing. I mean I find DPNs to be the tools of the devil. I have come very close to poking my eye out on numerous occasions, I think they should come with safety gear. However I know some of you masochists prefer them over magic loop/circulars! So the only advice I’m going to give, is pick a fairly plain pattern if the yarn is highly variegated, ie ‘Smile in the Mirror’ or ‘Man Glitter’, otherwise the yarn and the pattern can clash. The beauty of hand dyed yarn means you can have wonderfully patterned socks, without having to do colourwork and weaving in ends.

Knit the Bed Man in the Mirror

If you are looking for a pattern to get started, Rose City Rollers and Rollers Littles by Orange Knits Designs are really popular first sock patterns for kids to adults.

Rose City Rollers Socks

The Quick and Easy

Hats. I love hats. they’re easy and quick to knit up, meeting my need for instant (ish) gratification. Some of my favourite patterns are the Sockhead Slouch Hat and Tin Can Knits Barley Light. Both of these are fun to knit, and show off the yarn beautifully. Here’s the Man Glitter in the Barley Light pattern. 

Knit the Bed Man Glitter

The Snuggly

Of course, if in doubt, go for a shawl. I loved the Reyna pattern by Noora Backlund. It strikes the right balance between interesting to knit, but without getting too complicated. It is perfect for a single skein and shows off yarn beautifully. Wrap around as a bulky scarf, or spread out over your shoulders when feeling in a fancy pants mood, it works for every occasion. 

Reyna Shawl

I particularly think this will work beautifully with Walk of Shame. You just need one skein!

Knit the Bed Walk of Shame

If you have other recommendations, please let us know, either here or on Instagram @knitthebed. I always love seeing other creations, ideas and any excuse to cast on a new project!

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