Kona matching! What goes with Cotton Candy by Susan Driscoll

The colour palette for Cotton Candy, Susan Driscoll‘s new collection for Dashwood, is so good! Rich and bright with lots of pink, it’s as delicious as you’d expect a collection with a name like Cotton Candy to be! It occurs to me that this is a curious name, since in this country the thing I know of as cotton candy, the pastel-coloured spun sugar you buy at fairs, is called candy floss…but I digress!

From top to bottom, the colours we recommend to coordinate with Cotton Candy are Kona Cotton Solids in Carnation, Bright Pink, Punch, Grellow, Candy Green, Teal Blue and Snow and you can find them all in one place here.

Kona Cotton Solids to match Cotton Candy

And here is our stack of Cotton Candy so you can see how it compares!

Cotton Candy by Susan Driscoll for Dashwood Studio

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