Kona matching! What goes with Lore by Leah Duncan

Lore is Leah Duncan‘s first collection for Cloud9 and it is lush! Inspired by tales and legends of yesterday, Lore explores forests, mountain tops, gardens, woodlands, and birds soaring in the sky from the loch ness monster to the chupacabra and everything in-between. The colours are mostly bold and super saturated, with a few subtler shades in the mix!

From top to bottom, you’re looking at Kona Cotton Solids in Woodrose, Flame, Peach, Corn Yellow, Grellow, Jade Green, Blue Jay, Pacific, Storm, Sand and Shadow. You can find all of these colours in one place right here.

Kona Cotton Solids to coordinate with Lore by Leah Duncan

Here is our selection of Lore so you can see how they stack up!

Lore by Leah Duncan for Cloud9 Fabrics


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