Kona matching! What goes with Moody Blues by Geninne

When it comes to colour matching, Moody Blues by Geninne for Cloud9 plays tricks on you! I thought for sure this collection would match with Kona Cotton Solids in Coral and a turquoisey blue like Peacock, but when you actually hold the colour card to the fabric, you’ll be surprised that these colours aren’t in the mix! Of course these colours would look totally gorgeous with Moody Blues. In fact, there are so many blues in Moody Blues, there are equally as many Konas you could choose from!

But we had to choose, so here are our picks. From top to bottom, you’re looking at Kona Storm, Malibu, Blue Grass, Tomato, Kumquat and White. You can find all of these Konas in one place right here.

Kona Matching for Moody Blues at The Village Haberdashery

Here is our selection of Moody Blues so you can see how they stack up.

Moody Blues by Gennine at The Village Haberdashery

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