Kona matching! What goes with Purebred by Erin Michael

Purebred by Erin Michael has an earthy palette, with lots of rusty browns and sea glass greens. This stack of coordinating solids is huge because there are so many subtle variations in colour in the prints! Let us know if you need help getting the colours just right for your project because I know how hard it is to see the differences on screen. From top to bottom, you’re looking at Kona Cotton Solids Flesh, Ruby, Terracota, Mango, Amber, Cedar, Spice, Sienna, Juniper, Leprechaun, Sprout, Limestone, Seafoam, Aloe, Dusty Blue and Silver. You can find all of these colours in one place here. Kona Cotton Solids to coordinate with Purebred by Erin Michaels And here is our stack of Purebred so you can see how they measure up! Purebred by Erin Michael for Moda at The Village Haberdashery

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