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Kona matching! What goes with Spellbound by Cotton + Steel

This week we’re matching our Kona Cotton Solids with Spellbound by Cotton + Steel! Here are the disclaimers. The colours in Haunted Forest in Coral, Haunted Forest in Lilac and Doily Web in Grey (likewise all the greys in the Black and White range) are absolutely impossible to match perfectly. For Coral, you can go with either Rose or Sienna – they both look beautiful with this palette. For Lilac your best bet is Gumdrop and for the Doily Web in Grey Limestone is closest.

I should also mention that we also left out two colours from Elixir in Grey because they felt out of place in this picture. Those are Citrus (also appears in Moon Cat in Grey) and Melon. Whew, shall we just get on with it then?

From top to bottom, you’re looking at Rose, Sienna, Curry, Meringue, Old Green, Aloe, Teal Blue, Gumdrop, Limestone, Graphite and Black. You can find all of these colours in one place here.

Matching Konas to Spellbound by Cotton + Steel

Here is a picture of Spellbound so you can see how they stack up!


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