Laminated Kid Placemat tutorial

There is nothing like a looming newsletter deadline to motivate me to finally tackle a project I’ve been dreaming up! Harvey rejected his highchair months ago, so he has been eating most of his meals at our coffee table with a little chair – the perfect size for him. Mealtimes involve a full coverage bib, messy mat and placemat to keep the chaos in check, so I’ve been thinking it would be fun to make a placemat just for him. Want to make one? Here we go!


*Two fat quarters of quilting cotton (one for each side). If you use canvas or something heavier, you can probably skip the interfacing.
*Half a metre of Vilene fusible interfacing
*One metre of iron-on vinyl (I used matte)
*Coordinating thread
*Binding clips or wonder clips

I chose two really fun Japanese fabrics, Animal Runway and Under Construction. I adore these fabrics and they reflect two of Harvey’s favourite things: animals and cars/trucks. We’ve already had a lot of fun pointing out the animals he knows!


1. Cut your fabric, interfacing and iron-on vinyl. The size is up to you, but I went with 40cm by 54cm because I wanted a pretty big place mat.



2. Iron your interfacing to the wrong side of each piece of fabric.


3. Iron on your vinyl. To do this, first set your iron to medium and steam setting to off. Peel off the paper and put the vinyl sticky side down on right side of your fabric. Place the paper grid-side up on top and press for eight seconds. Then press the wrong side for four seconds. Be careful to NOT touch the iron directly to the vinyl or it will melt.


4. Trim off any excess interfacing and vinyl.


5. Use a cup to create a round corner and cut with a sharp rotary cutter or scissors.


6. Sew around the edge of each piece of fabric using a basting stitch and a half inch seam allowance. You may be wondering why at this stage we’re not sewing our two pieces right sides together. I opted not to do that because the vinyl does have a tendency to wrinkle. This is the method I came up with to try to avoid that fate!


I find it helpful to draw my stitching line on curves.


7. Clip your corners. I only clipped twice on this one but after I did a few I realised 3-4 clips makes it easier to keep your corners round.


8. Press the seam allowances under. I did the sides first and then pressed the corners from the front. Be sure to use the paper when you’re pressing vinyl!



9. Now clip the two pieces, wrong sides together, using your binding clips or wonder clips. Pins will leave obvious holes, if you can even get them through all these layers.


10. Sew using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, doing your best to keep those corners neat as you go.



And you’re done! Sit down and enjoy your meal!


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