Let’s get to know Heather Lou and Closet Case Patterns!

We just took stock of the first four print patterns from Closet Case PatternsGinger Jeans, Carolyn Pyjamas, Nettie Bodysuit and Clare Coat. We’re so excited! These patterns are well-loved in the modern sewing scene and sew up into beautiful, professional-looking garments. Read on to find out more about Closet Case Patterns and don’t forget to check out designer Heather Lou’s awesome blog, Closet Case Files, where she writes frequently about sewing, DIY and personal style.

Heather Lou of Closet Case Patterns

Who is the designer behind Closet Case Patterns?

I’m Heather Lou, a Montreal based designer, blogger & sewist. I rediscovered sewing a few years ago when I realized my relationship with fast fashion was financially, environmentally and ethically unsound. Learning to sew changed my life; few things in life give you as much pleasure as making things. I started releasing sewing patterns in 2013 with the Bombshell swimsuit, and left a career in commercial interior design to design sewing patterns full time in 2014.

Describe the style of your garments in three words:

Chic, modern, necessary luxuries

Tell us about the woman you design for:

My customer is a modern maker – she wants a heaping portion of fashion and design along with her craft. She is clever, creative, resourceful, has an original sense of personal style and likes to challenge herself with new projects and techniques.

What body shapes work best with your patterns?

I use an industry sizing system so my block is drafted according to a conventional standard, but having a fairly prodigious bottom myself, I always make sure my designs can accommodate a booty.

What should home dressmakers know about using your patterns?

Closet Case Files isn’t just a sewing pattern company; we started as a sewing blog, and that continues to be the place where we share our own personal sewing projects, along with tutorials and inspirational writing about making things and running a creative business. We also believe strongly in community and supporting other sewists and designers.

Our patterns are designed to empower our customers to sew with confidence and joy. Each one is meticulously drafted and tested, and include simple, easy to understand instructions and clear step by step diagrams. We also offer loads loads of additional support on our blog; all patterns are accompanied by extensive sewalongs and tutorials to help even novice makers feel confident about their sewing practice.

You can find Closet Case Patterns in the shop hereThanks, Heather Lou!

Closet Case Patterns

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