Let’s get to know Marie-Emilienne and I AM Patterns!

We are so happy to be stocking the super cool patterns by I AM PATTERNS and we invited the lovely Marie-Emilienne to join us for a quick Q&A so you could find out all about her pattern company.

I AM Patterns

Q: Tell us about I AM PATTERNS!

A: I AM PATTERNS is a French indie pattern company that started 2 years ago. I was very surprised of it’s instant great success and I would like to thank our great sewing community for this. Currently, there is Marie-Emilienne, that designs, creates, drapes and makes the patterns. Blandine and Juliette are part time to help with everything else: answering your emails, posting your patterns, up-dating the website and so much more. Delia is our amazing mannequin. We are doing our best to offer you a range of contemporary, trendy and comfortable patterns.

I Am Patterns

Q: Describe the style of your garments in three words.

A: Casual Chic Urban

I AM Patterns

Q: Tell us about the person you design for.

A: My patterns appeal to a wide range of people but it seems that modern urban women are those who cherish our patterns the most.

I AM Patterns

Q: What body shapes work best with your patterns?

A: There are a wide range of body shapes that work with our patterns. It depends on each pattern.

I AM Patterns

Q: What should home dressmakers know about using your patterns?

A: The greatest thing is that the seam allowances are included in the patterns. You can print PDF patterns either on A4, US and A0 paper. On PDF, the patterns do not overlap. Also, on top of the printed sewing instructions, we also have step by step photo instructions on our website.

I am patterns

You can find out more about I AM PATTERNS on their website and find our selection of their awesome patterns in our shop here.

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