Let’s get to know Megan Nielsen!

Welcome back to our series of Q&As with independent pattern designers! Megan Nielsen is the Australian designer who created some of the most popular patterns we’ve ever sold. We were thrilled when Megan announced a couple of months ago that she was going to be publishing paper patterns again, including the much loved Darling Ranges, the versatile Tania Culottes and the brand new Brumby Skirt. Read on to get to know a bit more about Megan and her patterns!

Megan Nielsen sewing patterns at The Village Haberdashery

Describe the style of your garments in three words:
Contemporary, wearable, adaptable

Tell us about the woman you design for: 
I’m a great believer in making pieces that fit into daily life, so my designs usually come from my desire to have a garment that I can’t find anywhere else. As much as I love wearing and sewing pretty dresses and things like that, the gaps in my wardrobe were always casual wear and maternity pieces. Those are the patterns I struggled to find. My philosophy is that for a pattern to be a valuable purchase it should be used over and over – so I only create patterns that I believe will be essential to the wardrobe of the modern woman.

What body shapes work best with your patterns?
All our patterns come in sizes XS-XL and have a modern fit (which means they have less wearers ease and more closely aligned to ready to wear sizing). However, they are all easily adaptable and we have lots of free tutorials on the website for help in customizing your design.

What should home dressmakers know about using your patterns? 
It’s really important to me that all my patterns have clear, concise instructions and accompanying illustrations to make sure sewers have all the information they could possible need and the tutorials on our website provide extra help on trickier steps like putting in zips etc. Making your own fashion is all about putting your own spin on an item of clothing, so each pattern has a list of suggested alterations that you could make to really get the most out of it. Finally, but probably most excitingly, we recently released our revolutionary free sewing app to accompany all of our patterns. Using it, you can instantly access your sewing instructions, supplies list and fabric requirements as well as additional features like links to the help tutorials and space to make your own notes. It is available to download from iTunes now and will be released on Google Play soon.

More about Megan!
I am the designer behind Megan Nielsen Patterns. I started out with a ready to wear collection and used to blog about my sewing experiences. Eventually, I had so many requests for tutorials on how to make my designs I realized there was a gap in the market so decided to release them as sewing patterns; the business has grown from there. I’m a mother of three, so I work from home in order to spend as much time with my kids as possible. And I’m a Christian so I try and maintain an ethical ethos for my business at all times. I live in Perth, Australia with my family, where we are blessed to have a ridiculous amount of sunshine all year round!

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