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Let’s get to know Peggy Mead and Sew House Seven Patterns!

We are so happy to be now stocking the awesome patterns from Sew House Seven and we invited the lovely Peggy to join us for a quick Q&A so you could find out all about her pattern company.

Sew House Seven Patterns

Tell us about Sew House Seven!
Sew House Seven is my small, independent pattern company based in Portland, Oregon and run by me – Peggy Mead. I have a long history in the apparel industry as a pattern maker, designer and surface designer. Sew House Seven was created in 2014 from my need to return to my original passion of sewing and creating and a desire to leave the world of fast fashion behind. I also have a mission to encourage more people to sew their own clothes. The focus of Sew House Seven is on however, not limited to creating simple, easy to follow patterns that encourage the beginning sewist yet appeal to sewists of all levels. Detailed instructions provide an opportunity
to learn while sewing.

Sew House Seven Patterns

Describe the garment styles in 3 words:
The designs could be described as feminine, simple and unique.

Sew House Seven Patterns

Tell us about the woman you design for:
I have found the woman who wears Sew House Seven to be a difficult one to pin down. I have seen garments from my patterns on a very diverse group of women. I think my patterns appeal to the woman who wants something simple yet unique (as in my three word description above). My customer hails from all over the world and is a multitude of shapes, sizes and ages. I’ve had some women say thank you for making clothing that works on women over 65 and I’ve had others ask why I don’t design for women over 65 so I think my styles don’t necessarily cater to a specific age, it just depends on how the customer interprets the pattern and if they feel comfortable in my designs. I think sewists are a different breed of customer than ready to wear customers. A sewist can usually look at a design and decide how they can make it their own and make it work for them so I in that sense, I feel like my designs are a blank canvas for a broad focus of customers.

Sew House Seven Patterns

What body shapes work best with your patterns?
I don’t set out to design for a specific body shape however, I do design things that I would like to wear and so I would say my body type definitely influences my designs. I am short with an hour glass figure. Because I am broad and short, I tend to like to define my waist.

Sew House Seven Patterns

What should home dressmakers know about using your patterns?
I try to make my instructions very thorough with lots of drawings. It may be over kill for some people but I want to make it as easy as possible for someone beginning to understand as well as someone who may not read English very well. I also try to make my instructions educational. I try to include some new technique or tip and sometimes come up with my own way of doing things such as the vent and hem on my Toaster Sweater #2.

Sew House Seven Patterns

You can find out more about Sew House Seven on their website, follow her on Instagram and find our selection of patterns in our shop here.

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