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Let’s get to know Sewaholic Patterns

The world of indie pattern companies has exploded in the past five years! It’s absolutely wonderful to have so many designers, points of view and unique styles to choose from. But so much choice can be overwhelming, too. I thought it would be fun to start a new series to introduce you to the companies we stock so you can find out more about makes them special and hopefully discover some new companies that are a good fit for you (both literally and in the style sense!)

We’ll kick off this new series with Sewaholic Patterns! Founded by Tasia St. Germaine in 2010, Sewaholic Patterns is the first company to offer pretty, versatile sewing patterns designed to fit and flatter a pear-shaped women! The idea to create patterns specifically for pear-shaped women came from her frustration in having to alter commercial patterns to fit her curvy lower body.

Tasia and her team combine fashion industry experience with decades of sewing knowledge to develop a full range of patterns. Their goal is that with Sewaholic Patterns, you’ll be able to sew a practical and pretty wardrobe, tailored to suit your body type.

Sewaholic Patterns is based in Vancouver BC and is proudly Canadian. Tasia names the patterns after Vancouver area landmarks (Crescent Beach, Lonsdale Quay, Minoru Park) and are printed on FSC-certified and recycled paper.


Describe the style of your garments in three words:
Classic, feminine, practical

Tell us about the woman you design for: 
She appreciates quality, wants to look original and well-dressed, and values comfort as well as style. She’s either got a technical office job or travels a lot, and sews as a creative pursuit. She might make all of her own clothing, or sew truly special pieces to work into her wardrobe. She wears what she feels great in regardless of fashion trends. She’s fairly active and might bicycle, run or practice yoga. She appreciates practical design features like pockets, hidden hoods, adjustable straps, but also likes high-quality fabrics like soft cotton lawns and silky linings.

What body shapes work best with your patterns?
I started with a pear-shaped figure in mind, the classic small-bust small-waist wide-hipped figure. It was easy to design for this body shape since it’s me! Our patterns also work well on hourglass shapes, who also have a small waist and wide hips. I consider all kinds of details to suit this body type. We include longer zippers to accommodate wider hips and thighs, and place design details above the waist or add shoulder detailing to balance out the hips. Of course, it’s easy to adjust any pattern for any body type, so if you’re not a classic pear or hourglass and there’s a design you like, give it a try!

What should home dressmakers know about using your patterns?
The biggest difference is the sizing proportions. We design specifically for curvy, bottom-heavy figures with small busts and wide hips. We post sew-alongs and tutorials to help you sew our patterns, found on our blog here. Our patterns include detailed diagrams and thorough instructions. I have a background in the fashion industry so I often include different sewing techniques than you usually find in home-sewing patterns.

Thanks, Tasia!

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