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Let’s talk about shopping on mobile!

I mentioned way back in January that I wanted to improve the shopping experience for you guys on mobile devices. Like I said back then, more than half of you are shopping on our website on mobile devices (that’s a third on tablets and a little more than one in five on mobile), yet when it comes to actually buying, desktop has the highest conversion rate. So that tells me something. Also, Google decided to prioritise sites that are mobile-friendly in search results. And that’s super important for a small business like ours.

The Village Haberdashery on mobile

So over the weekend when we made lots of updates, our developer did a couple of things to make our site easier to use on mobile. First, he made it responsive. That means that whatever device you’re on, the site should sort of resize itself to fit your screen. Second, he updated our check out process so that it’s all on one page, which makes it much faster and easier full stop, but especially when you’re on a tiny screen.

I still feel we have a lot of things to do to get things how I want them to look (I keep looking at J.Crew’s mobile site wistfully), but I thought it would be good to push out these updates and let you start using them, so you can tell us all the things that you love or that annoy you and we can evaluate those ideas and integrate the ones that make sense.

For example, when you’re on mobile, the all-important product filters are now at the very bottom of the page and I think they should be at the top. And I think the homepage should mainly be a menu, so you can dive right in. But enough about what I think! Maybe I’m wrong! What do you think? Have a look and if you have the time, drop me a note with any wishes at and I will see what I can do to make them come true!

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