Lou’s Geometric Pom Pom Cushion tutorial

We love this funky geometric pom pom cushion tutorial from Lou Orth of I’m Studio Lou! The combination of orange and grey is refreshing and fun plus the addition of hand-stitched details lets you slow things down a bit which can be really lovely. Plus poms. We just can’t get enough of them! Thank you, Lou!

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Today I’m sharing a tutorial for this gorgeous geometric pom pom cushion.

Materials needed:
½ meter of Quilters Linen in Grey
2 meters pompom trim in Tangerine
DMC Pearl cotton thread in colour 740 no.8

Recommended thread – Aurifil Mako 50wt 2605 matches very well with the quilters linen.

pom image 1

Recommended tools
Quilters ruler
Fabric pencil

Step 1: Prep
From the quilters linen cut out:
1 piece 41 x 41 cm (front piece)
1 piece 41 x 20 cm (back piece 1)
1 piece 41 x 35 cm (back piece 2)
Iron all pieces.

Step 2: Mark cushion for stitching
Take the front piece and using a ruler, mark the centre point of the square with a dot. Then place another two dots 2.5cm either side of the centre.

pom image 2

From these outer dots draw lines going outward towards the top and bottom corners.

Do the same again another 5cm further out each side and then again a further 5 cm. Each time drawing lines going outwards and parallel to each other. It should look a little something like this:

pom image 3

Step 3: Stitching

Following the lines drawn stitch using the Pearl cotton using a backstitch.

pom image 4

pom image 5

pom image 6

Step 4: Hem back pieces
Hem both back pieces by folding longest side over by 1cm and then again 1cm and top stitching in place.

Step 5: Put cushion together
To put the cushion together place the front panel down with the stitching facing upwards.

Line pom pom trim around the whole of the cushion, with pom poms facing inwards.

pom image 7

You can snip into the corner of the pom pom trim at corners to ease it round.

pom image 8

(If you prefer you can choose to baste stitch the pom pom ribbon to the front panel before putting the cushion to do this – use the longest stitch on your machine to baste the ribbon to the back of the front panel.)

On top of the front panel and pom pom trim, place back piece 1 (line it up to the top edges of the front piece, with back piece 2 the other end, lining up to the bottom. There should be an overlap in the middle of the cushion. Place the back pieces, so that the right side faces inwards.

Pin and sew all the way around with a 1cm seam allowance. Remember to tuck pom poms in as you sew, you don’t want to catch one in the seam!

pom image 9

Tip – The pom pom trim is stretchier that the quilters linen. Be careful not to pull the pom pom trim tight when sewing as you will be left with the edges of your cushion scrunching in.

Turn it the right way round and you are done!


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