Loulouthi velveteen and voile Figure 8 Scarf

I’ve been really looking forward to making a Figure 8 scarf with Loulouthi velveteen and now I have one! We didn’t get Innocent Crush velveteen here so it feels like forever that I’ve been waiting to have velveteen of my very own.

I picked out the voiles in the shop with these scarves in mind, and they match up very nicely if I do say so. I chose my favourite velveteen, Zagzig in Garnet and my favourite voile, Rose, and got to work. These scarves sew up quite quickly, even with the hand-stitching at the end. We have pre-cut scarf cuts of these in the shop that are 185cm x 42.75cm which make it even easier.

I zigzag-stitched the edges of the velveteen and threw both in the wash followed by air-drying. The velveteen shrunk up a teensy bit in length, so you’ll need to trim up the voile to match. I don’t really have any other tips – it all came together quite nicely and it feels amazing around my neck. I don’t normally wear scarves like this though, so Ed doesn’t really know how to look at me in such bright colours. He did a nice job with the photos though!

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