March Baby Quilt Club reveal!

This bundle started with some fun prints I saw in a customer’s order – the bees from Maureen Cracknell‘s Garden Dreamer collection teamed with that pink herringbone from Hazelwood and the Honey Twist by Dashwood – such a perfect combination! I photographed them to remember for when we pulled this bundle together. This bundle is sophisticated, for sure, but it balances jewel tones with pastels for a quilt that will look so lovely in a little girl’s room.

Want to buy this bundle but you’re not in the club? We have a few limited edition bundles here.

March Baby Quilt Club Bundle from The Village Haberdashery

Clockwise from the top this bundle includes:
Kona Cotton Solids – Ivory (Robert Kaufman)
HazelwoodHerringbone in Coral by One Canoe Two (Moda)
Kona Cotton Solids – Primrose (Robert Kaufman)
Garden DreamerBumble in Buzz by Maureen Cracknell (Art Gallery)
Kona Cotton Solids – Sage (Robert Kaufman)
Garden DreamerMoment in Time in Dim by Maureen Cracknell (Art Gallery)
Kona Cotton Solids – Willow (Robert Kaufman)
SagePrickly Pear in Ruby by Bari J (Art Gallery)
Kona Cotton Solids – Bordeaux (Robert Kaufman)
TwistHoney (Dashwood Studio)
Kona Cotton Solids – Lemon (Robert Kaufman)
Mini Pearl BraceletsSand by Lizzy House (Andover)

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