March LMQG challenge – scrap swap!

At our London Modern Quilt Guild meeting last weekend we swapped scraps and I was delighted with mine. There are Melody Miller, Lizzy House and Echino scraps in the bunch! However whilst many of our guild members have already completed the challenge (Dianna and Amy I’m looking at you, not to mention the fact that Kelly is already doing next month’s challenge! Overachievers, all of you!), I’ve only managed to line mine up in pretty rows.

Now my sewing machine seems to have hit a wall and I don’t know when I’ll be able to piece this together. Ugh. What I really, really want to do is try a scrappy string block and I think I’ve got plenty to work with here. Assuming the machine starts working again…

I was thinking of getting one of those cute, cheap John Lewis machines just to have as backup for occasions like this, and possibly to teach Maddie on. I’m sure you can’t put a walking foot on, but I imagine it will handle regular sewing just fine. Any thoughts?

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