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Meet our teachers: Eva Jaber, mosaic making

We are delighted to introduce you to the most recent member of our teaching team! Eva Jaber is a self taught mosaic tutor who loves nothing more than teaching people new skills and techniques involved in mosaic work. Read on to find out more about Eva and her upcoming mosaic classes!

Eva Jabber

Q: Where did you first discover your love for Mosaic?

A: Whilst on holiday in Brighton I bought myself a large mirror with a mosaic frame using vintage china tiles. I fell in love with the way this looked that I had to try and make something similar myself. I am self taught I attended a few mosaic courses and I use books and the internet to learn all the various methods of mosaic work and how to cut the tiles etc.

Eva Jabber

Q: I see from your blog that you sell your handmade items at Old Spitalfields Market, that is super exciting. Tell us a bit about how you got into this.

A: I regularly visit Old Spitalfields Market especially when they have a handmade theme. I decided to make wares to sell there. Some of my regular customers asked if I do workshops, at that time I didn’t but the idea stayed with. Eventually I started holding workshops which have been so popular that I no longer have time to make pieces to sell. I have fond memories of exhibiting there as it was great fun and that is where the idea came to me by my customers to start tutoring.

Eva Jabber

Q: Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

A: I love vintage styles and colours I look at wallpaper designs and vintage posters that is where I often get my inspiration by the colours I see.

Eva Jabber

Q: We are really looking forward to your upcoming classes… what can students expect?

A: My workshops are super fun and there is no right or wrong way to make a mosaic. My classes are freestyle so students can design whatever they want and it will look great. It’s like an abstract mosaic but using china tiles I’m very attentive to my students and I’m guiding them all the way.

Eva Jabber

Q: What one crafting tool/gadget could you not live without and why?

A: My tile nippers, this is what I use to cut and shape my china.

Eva Jabber

Q: What is your most favourite piece that you have worked on? Why was it particularly special?

A: I made a mosaic piece of art for my daughters bedroom. I mixed china tiles with new tiles so it was like a mixed media piece. I added glitter and mirror tiles which made it very glitzy and special. Every girl loves a bit of bling!

Eva Jabber

Thanks Eva!

You can find out more about and book Eva’s upcoming classes here.


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