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Meet our teachers: Judith Dahmen, quilting

I’m so proud of the quality of instructors we have lined up to teach our classes at The Village Haberdashery! Many of them are a little bit famous in certain sewing or knitting circles, but since they may be new to you I thought I’d make introductions in a little series called Meet our teachers.

Judith Dahmen blogs at, where you can see all of her beautiful (and beautifully photographed) quilts. Read on to find out more about her and her upcoming class!

Judith Dahmen teaches Quilted and Bound Cushion at The Village Haberashery

The first class Judith is teaching for us is Quilted and Bound Cushion, in which you’ll learn to make one of the gorgeous cushions below (this one is made with Tula Pink’s Salt Water but you can choose any fabric you like). I can’t tell you how many people have actually tried to buy this cushion since it’s been on display in the shop – it’s guaranteed to make a statement in your home as well! This is a full day course running from 10-4 on Saturday, 13 April and you can still grab a place by registering here. Judith is also giving away a spot in the class on her blog – if you want to try your luck you can enter here.

Quilted and Bound Cushion class at The Village Haberdashery

The Village Haberdashery: You learned to knit and sew from a young age but since learning to quilt it’s become your passion! Why do you love it so much?

Judith Dahmen: I think what I love most are the design possibilities it offers me. There is so much you can do, so many different designs that can be applied. It almost seems pretty endless and on top of that I simply love a good blanket. I always sit on the sofa with a blanket , be it winter or summer. I love art and in particular modern contemporary art and making modern quilts reflects this.

Meet our teachers: Judith Dahmen

TVH: How do you plan your quilts? Does the fabric come first or the design? Tell us about your approach!

JD: Most of the time it is just an idea or a pattern that I have seen that informs the design of a new quilt. Seldom it is the fabric to be honest. Recently I saw a photograph of a wall painting in a restaurant in London and within a split second I had the design for a similar quilt mapped out in my head.

Meet our teachers: Judith Dahmen

TVH: How would you describe your aesthetic? Do your quilts have a distinct style?

JD: I don’t think they have yet a distinct style. Perhaps they should as I am now quilting for three years but I feel I am still experimenting with all sorts of designs. At the heart I think I will end up at some point with a somewhat minimalist style based mostly on solids but I am not there yet.

Meet our teachers: Judith Dahmen

TVH: Tell us about your first class, Quilted and Bound Cushion, and what students will learn!

JD: Often people ask me how I got into quilting and how difficult I found it. Although I already had sewing experience before I started quilting I am largely self-taught with a good smattering of internet tuition and help from others. I started small with a baby quilt but that still took a long time so I thought that it would be a nice idea to teach the techniques that are required to make a quilt by way of making a cushion. The great advantage of this is that students will learn almost all skills required for quilting but they will do it on a small project. And the best thing about this workshop is that you will do it all in one session and get to take home your quilted cushion at the end of it.

Meet our teachers: Judith Dahmen

Thanks Judith!

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