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Meet our teachers: Katy Jones, quilting instructor

I’m so proud of the quality of instructors we have lined up to teach our classes at The Village Haberdashery! Many of them are a little bit famous in certain sewing or knitting circles, but since they may be new to you I thought I’d make introductions in a little series called Meet our teachers.

Katy Jones blogs at I’m a Ginger Monkey, where she is a constant source of inspiration for both new and experienced quilters. She’s also a published author, co-founded the digital modern quilting magazine Fat Quarterly, is a regular blogger for Sizzix and contributor to so many other sites, including Aurifil and Art Gallery Fabrics. Basically, she’s everywhere in the quilting universe! Read on to find out more about her and her first course for The Village Haberdashery, Modern Quilting Sampler.

Katy Jones

The Village Haberdashery: You are one of the most prolific quilters I know! When did you get started quilting and why are you so passionate about it?
Katy Jones: I’ve been quilting for the past 5 years or so. It all started when I met someone on Flickr who was a quilter and she encouraged me to join a 6″ mini quilt swap that ran monthly. It was a great way to try quilt blocks and start quilting. I think if it hasn’t been for Beth I’d probably never given it a go, she was a great encouragement for me and we’re still friends now. My passion stems from the friendships and sense of community I’ve experienced along the way. I felt so welcomed into the community when I was a new quilter that I am conscious of spreading that feeling to others. Quilting has such history and it only continues to thrive because of the community and friendships that are made and the way quilters share their knowledge with others.
Katy Jones
TVH: Through your blog, your quilt-a-longs and your involvement in social media you’ve inspired so many people to start quilting. Why do you think it’s becoming so popular?
KJ: In this age of instant gratification it’s important to slow things down a little and go back to basics. Quilting, and crafting as a whole, reminds us of what we can achieve ourselves and do things that aren’t necessarily perfect but that we’ve made ourselves. It’s a sense of pride and achievement that can only come with making ourselves. That is the same whether it’s a cake or a quilt – taking the time and making the effort to make it ourselves proves we can and I think that’s a huge part of why it’s so popular now.
Katy Jones
TVH: You’ve successfully made a career out of doing something you love! Tell us about your first solo book, due out next month from Martingale and any other exciting projects you have coming up this year.
KJ: My first solo book is out in May in the US and June in the UK. It’s a small book with 25 quilt blocks and 4 inspiration projects. This book is the first in a series, that intend to develop skills as the series continues. I am also part of 2 other books that have recently been released, modern quilts from the blogging universe (martingale) and pillow pop (stash books). I have a few other things planned for this year that are still in early planning stages but will hopefully develop later this year.
Katy Jones
TVH: What will your students learn in your class, Modern Quilting Sampler?
KJ: I want my class to be more about using initiative than a ‘lets follow this pattern’ style of class. We’ll be making half square triangle units – lots of them and then using those units to make blocks. Each quilt will be as individual as the person creating it. Their own personality will show through in the way they arrange their individual blocks and how they complete the quilt. From working this way you develop a greater understanding of how the process of designing a quilt happens and will hopefully become hooked on making more quilts and designing as you go.
Modern Quilting Sampler is a two-day course that runs from 10-4 on Saturday, 18 May, and Saturday, 25 May. Reserve your place here.
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