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Meet our teachers: Kym Armstrong, cross stitch

Kym is originally from Cumbria and now lives in London and works in our West Hampstead shop. She is a sewist and crafter who loves to embark on all kinds of projects, and often all at the same time! Kym is going to be teaching our new Cross Stitch for Beginners classes at our West Hampstead shop.

Kym Armstrong Headshot by Jennie Scott Photography

Q: Who first taught you to cross stitch?

A: My Mam is a cross stitch ninja! She taught me when I was little and I have had a cross stitch project on the go pretty much ever since. My first projects were some Christmas cards for my Grandparents and they still come out to be hung up with the rest every year! I have just finished stitching a wedding sampler for my partner’s parents!

Kym Armstrong Cross Stitch

Q: What do you love about Cross Stitch?

A: I find it a really relaxing hobby. Its great how portable it is too… handy to take on long journeys. I also love how personal you can make a cross stitch gift by adding names and changing colours.

Q: So have you always been into sewing and crafts?

A: Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be making something! I did textiles at school and loved it but Drama and Theatre Studies was my real love back then. I trained as a singer in Musical Theatre in London and worked as a Principal Singer on cruise ships for a while (if you look very carefully on youtube there may still be a few clips!). Then I decided I was more interested in fixing the costumes than the actual performing!! This lead me to work as a dresser for a busy London theatre and take some costume commissions for friends. I totally caught the sewing bug and changed careers!

Q: We love all the samples you make for our shop displays, where did you learn dressmaking?

A: Mam taught me the basics when I was at school and bought me my first sewing machine for my 16th birthday. I didn’t really get into dressmaking properly until a few years ago and I am mainly self taught with a lot of help from various blogs and You Tube videos. I took Charlotte Newland’s Fitting Class from which I learned a great deal too.

Kym Armstrong

Q: You say you love to embark on all kinds of projects, and often all at the same time, what other kinds of projects do you do and how do you find the time to do everything?

A: Every second of every day if I am not making something I am thinking about making something. I love everything from sewing to knitting to paper craft! Check out my Instagram for my latest ventures! I don’t know how I fit in so much craft time but I do work really quickly (sometimes too quickly). I suppose I’m really lucky that my hobby is also my job.

Cross stitch by Kym Armstrong

Q: We are super excited about your cross stitch classes at our West Hampstead shop, what can students expect?

A: I am super excited too! My class is aimed at complete beginners or those who need a refresher. We will cover everything from the basic stitches to reading a pattern and also talk about different materials and cross stitch tools. Students will leave with a started mini cross stitch to complete at home and confidence to tackle bigger projects.

Cross stitch by Kym Armstrong

You can books Kym’s classes here, find her on Instagram @kymsrubyslippers, or check out her blog,

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