Meet our teachers: Marilyn Lewin, sewing instructor

Learn to sew

I’m so proud of the quality of instructors we have lined up to teach our classes at The Village Haberdashery! Many of them are a little bit famous in certain sewing or knitting circles, but since they may be new to you I thought I’d make introductions in a little series called Meet our teachers.

Marilyn Lewin is one of our sewing instructors. She has loved making craft items since childhood, leading to a career as a Needlecraft Teacher and Garment Quality Controller. She now designs and makes a variety of craft items, which she sells at various craft fairs. She is also an active member of her local Women’s Institute Craft Group.

Marilyn and I have developed some great sewing classes for you! Her Gingham Embroidered Apron class is perfect for complete beginners and will give you the chance to learn basic sewing and cross-stitch skills. You’ll leave with a sweet vintage-style apron and the foundation you’ll need to move on to any of our quilting or dressmaking classes. She is also teaching our Sewing Girls Clothes and Sewing Boys Clothes classes, in which you’ll make a Green Bee Iris Dress or Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt.

Learn to sew

The Village Haberdashery: You have been crafting your entire life which led to a career as a needlecraft teacher. Why are you passionate about teaching people how to make things?

Marilyn Lewin: It gives me great pleasure to share the sewing skills that I have learned over the years, with others, and to watch their confidence grow as they master something new. Sewing can be challenging at times, but none the less, a very pleasant and satisfying way to spend some time, especially so, amongst a group of other like-minded people! As you learn so much from each other, which is why I enjoy being an active member of my local WI Craft Group. It’s great to see the craft of sewing, in all it’s forms, having such a massive new following over the last few years. Long may it last!
Learn to sew
TVH: As a garment quality controller for various fashion houses and magazines, you must have an eye for detail! Any advice for making a handmade project look more polished?
ML: To achieve a more polished finish to whatever it is you are making, my top tips would be, paying attention to detail, finishing areas off properly [inside and out], ironing each section as it is completed, and lastly, that all important FINAL PRESS. Happy sewing!
Learn to sew
TVH: Today you sell many of your handmade creations at craft fairs. What are your most popular projects?
ML: My handmade items are sold at various local craft fairs, and I have gradually built up a bit of a following, which has resulted on several occasions in private commissions. The items I design and make vary from, Oilcloth & Designer Cotton Bags, to Aprons, Cushion Covers, Reading/Sunglasses Cases, Embroidery Hoop Pictures, I-Pad Cases, Tapestry Pin Cushions etc etc. I like to introduce several new items each season to ring the changes. At present I’m working on some monochrome cross stitch greetings cards, and rubber stamping onto laser-cut wooden shapes and fabric, amongst other things. As no two craft fairs are ever alike, judging what will sell best is always a matter of luck, so I always take a little of everything!

Learn to sew

TVH: Tell us what students will learn in your first class at The Village Haberdashery, learning to sew a Gingham Embroidered Apron!
ML: During the course of making the Gingham Embroidered Apron at the Village Haberdashery, each student will learn how to thread a sewing machine and the bobbin, do straight and reverse  stitching, change a needle, attaching ric rac trim, and how to embroider a simple cross stitch pattern on the pocket and hemline of the apron. Once finished, they will look every inch the ultimate domestic goddess!
Sign up for Marilyn’s classes here!
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