Meet our Teachers: Susana Cunha, macrame

Susana Cunha is the founder of bohemian-inspired brand Tent Living. She uses traditional macrame and weaving techniques with a modern, contemporary and romantic spin to create unique wall-hangings that incorporate natural materials. Susana teaches Macrame classes at our West Hampstead shop. She also shared a macrame plant hanger tutorial on The Daily Stitch earlier this year.

Susana Cunha Macrame and Weaving

Q. Where does your brand name Tent Living originate from?

A. I wanted a name that was evocative of a certain bohemian spirit, exotic travels, fun but also a little bit romantic and Tent Living just ticked all the boxes.

Susana Cunha Macrame and Weaving

Q. How did you first discover Macrame?

A. I first discovered macrame through Instagram and inspired by all the beautiful images I decided to go on a macrame workshop. There I learnt the basic macrame knots and then just researched and practiced a lot!

Susana Cunha Macrame and Weaving

Q. What are your favourite textiles to work with and why?

A. I love working with different textures, cotton rope and cotton fabric is one of my favourite combinations – the roughness of the rope and the delicacy of the fabric work so well together and make a piece that little bit more interesting.

Susana Cunha Macrame and Weaving

Q. What five words best describe your style?

A. Bohemian, fun, romantic, colourful, unique.

Susana Cunha Macrame and Weaving

Q. Are there any crafts other than Macrame that you enjoy?

A. Yes! I’ve recently started weaving and am completely in love with the process. Everything, from choosing a color palette to warping the loom is a pleasure.

Susana Cunha Macrame and Weaving

Want more? You can follow Susana on Instagram, visit her shop and find her upcoming classes here.

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