Meet the Maker: Amelia Flower

Welcome to our latest edition of Meet the Maker! We are so happy to stock so many great products from small businesses in the UK and we really want to show them off. We will be creating features on different designers, companies and crafters so you can find out more about them and their fantastic products. This time we have been chatting to the lovely Amelia Flower!

Amelia Flower

Kym: We are totally smitten with your quirky designs, tell us about how your brand began.

Amelia: I have always just wanted to draw, it’s all I ever do. Last Summer, I printed a few cards as a way of selling my illustrations and did a local craft fair. I was really nervous, and convinced myself that no one would buy anything. They did, and my cards have kept on selling rapidly since then! I graduated from University two years ago, and worked for two different large creative companies, before deciding to work full-time on my illustration work in March this year. Im in the early stages of my business, so I’m really excited to develop new products and focus more on the freelance side of my work, too!

Amelia Flower

Kym: We love to hear about people taking that leap to create a business, it is so cool that it all started at a local craft fair, they are the best! Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Amelia: You can probably tell that I love to draw people. I get inspiration from everywhere, but mainly by sketching characters when I’m out and about. I always carry a small Moleskine sketchbook with me and draw interesting people or outfits when I’m on a bus or train, or wherever I may be.

Amelia Flower

Kym: People watching is so fun isn’t it! When was it that you first discovered your passion for art?

Amelia: It’s not a very interesting answer, but I really have always been drawing. It’s what I do for fun, and now for work too. I used to always take a sketchbook to school with me and draw in lessons, and I remember more than once having notes from teachers on my work telling me to stop decorating the margins and drawing on everything.

Amelia Flower

Kym: Haha! Love it! What are the major steps in your creative process and what medium do you prefer to work in to create your illustrations?

Amelia: Most of my ideas start as really terrible scribbles in my notebook. As I mentioned previously, I always have my notebook with me so that I can quickly write down an idea that comes to me. When I’m designing cards, I’ll look back through my notebook and choose which idea I’d like to work on. This way, I’m never stuck for a starting point, and don’t have to waste time trying to think of something to draw. I used to use Adobe Illustrator, but now I work solely on my iPad Pro. It’s great because I can carry it with me everywhere I go, and work from anywhere!

Amelia Flower

Kym: I see from your website that you also take illustration commissions. What has been your most bizarre request?!

Amelia: I haven’t had anything particularly bizarre unfortunately, but I have something exciting coming out soon that I can’t mention yet- that’s a very dull answer, sorry!

Amelia Flower

Kym: Oooo, very mysterious… looking forward to hearing more soon! What do you consider to be your biggest achievement to date?

Amelia: This was definitely when Liberty placed their first order for my cards. I was so excited when I went to visit my cards in the shop, and I hovered around the till watching a customer buy one. I couldn’t believe it!

Amelia Flower

Kym: That sounds so exciting! I would have done the same! We love how environmentally friendly your products are. Tell us about how you have achieved this.

Amelia: I am very environmentally conscious in my everyday life, and so using disposable plastic sleeves for my cards made me feel so hypocritical and guilty because it didn’t fit with my personal beliefs. I searched for a long time for a solution and finally found some fantastic compostable and biodegradable display sleeves. They’re great- you can throw them away, and they completely biodegrade! I’m still phasing-out the old packaging to use up stock, but my Christmas cards will be the first to use fully compostable packaging. I’m hoping to become as plastic-free as possible over the next few months.

Amelia Flower

Kym: That is so inspirational! Thank you very much for chatting to me Amelia, just for fun to finish off, how would you describe your style in three words?

Amelia: Colourful, contemporary, fun.

Amelia Flower

You can purchase Amelia’s cards in our West Hampstead store or shop online here! Also check out her awesome website!

Let us know in the comments below who you would like to see featured in Meet the Maker next time!

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