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Welcome to our new feature on The Daily Stitch, Meet the Maker! We are so happy to stock so many great products from small businesses in the UK and we really want to show them off. We will be creating features on different designers, companies and crafters so you can find out more about them and their fantastic products. First up we have Multipom!
We first discovered Multipom at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace a few years ago and fell in love with how fun this pom pom gadget is! No more cutting out cardboard circles once you get your hands on one of these!

I caught up with the lovely Sue from Multipom to have a good chat about what makes them tick!

Kym: So how did Multipom come to be?

Sue: I am a ‘slightly mathematical’ textile artist who creates high relief/sculptural work. I designed the Multipom to enable me to make lots of identical fibre components which I could incorporate into my work. By having lots of one identical article increases its uses enormously and by having the creative textile knowledge, this enabled me to exploit, expand and stretch the boundaries of the uses of the traditional pompom.


Kym: It is so nice when a project can evolve like that. What would you say makes the Multipom unique from other the other pom pom makers out there?

Sue: Other pompom makers make just one at a time and a different sized gadget is required for every size. The Multipom is unique in that up to 20 pompoms can be made at a time, in all sizes from 1cm – 12cm, all on the one frame. Also each ‘batch’ will be identical, making the uses of them vast. The Multipom frame is constructed of metal and is very rigid, light and portable.


Kym: It is so great that all you need is the one tool to make so many different sizes.

Sue: It really is, all sizes from 1cm – 12cm diameter can be made and any yarns can be used.

Kym: Are there any variations on the standard pompom you can make with Multipom?

Sue: It’s exciting to see the results of making pompoms with ‘unusual’ yarns and of course different colours and thicknesses can be mixed together. The pompoms can be cut to shape, felted (if wool is used), dyed (if cotton is used) and made on a cord. These are illustrated in the instructions which come with all the kits.


Kym: We just sell the pom pom maker itself in store at the moment, tell us more about what else your kits include.

Sue: The ‘Multipom pompom maker‘ (which is what you stock) comes with clear instructions including lots of tips and ideas. This is contained in all of our other kits, which also have a needle for attaching the pompoms and are packaged in handy fabric bags, (which can be decorated with the pompoms). The starter kits come in a choice of 4 colours (pink, blue, green and yellow) and have 2 balls of acrylic yarn which co-ordinates with the bag. The deluxe kit contains 1 ball of acrylic, 100g of 100% cotton and 10g perle cotton. Being white cotton, the yarn and fabric bag may be dyed. The braid making starter kit contains the same yarn as the deluxe kit in a natural colour and also 4 meters of tapes, ribbons, trimming and glass beads. There are additional instructions to show you how to make exquisite braids for interior furnishings, which can be made at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them and of course can be made in any colour to match your decor. The rug making kits contain all the yarn, base and backing fabric to make a 60cm diameter rug….which nobody will be able to resist touching!


Kym: A pompom rug… I want one of those in my house! You must have a busy time putting all those things together, what are your day to day activities in the Multipom office?

Sue: Surrounded by pompoms, we firstly ensure all orders received by midday (and where possible up to 4pm) are dispatched by 1st class Royal Mail post, so generally our customers receive them the following morning, and technically could also be surrounded by pompoms within 24 hours! We almost always have a pompom project on the go, which we photograph to share on Social Media. We love to see our customers creations too, so if anyone makes something with their Multipom, and sends us an image, it’s great to share it with our followers.


Kym: We love to see what our customers make with our fabrics too, it is so lovely to be part of someones creative process. There must be more than just yourself surrounded by pompoms, tell us about the team you work with.

Sue: We’re a family business. I run the business, organise stock, send out orders and answer any questions customers may write in with. Our daughter Ellie runs the trade side of the business, the social media and comes along to help demonstrate at the shows that we attend. Our other daughter Alice, who is a ceramicist, organises the website and also helps at shows. My husband Pete is our roadie! He does the driving to the shows, helps set up the stand, serves the customers and most importantly does the tea runs! Ellie is able to communicate with British Sign Language and on numerous occasions has done so at the shows, with me demonstrating, Ellie signing and Pete serving the customers – a real team effort for which I am so proud.

Multipom Team

Kym: Wow! A really close family business, that is so great! What would you say has been your biggest achievement to date?

Sue: At the first show we attended, we entirely ran out of stock about 3 hours from the end of the 4 day show, even though we had taken LOTS! We were nominated for the most innovative new product in the British Sew Awards. In the last 12 months we have done 6 hours of live television (Hochanda). My most personal achievement is just the fact that our customers really love the Multipom and the pompoms make them happy!


Kym: They make us very happy too! Finally Sue just to finish off our chat, if you could describe Multipom’s style in three words what would they be?

Sue: Fluffy, Tactile, Happy!

Kym: Thanks Sue!

Get your own Multipom maker here and don’t forget to share your pictures with #thevillagehaberdashery and #multipom

Let us know in the comments below who you would like to see featured in Meet the Maker next time!

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