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Meet the Maker: Wool Couture

Welcome to our latest edition of Meet the Maker! We are so happy to stock so many great products from small businesses in the UK and we really want to show them off. We will be creating features on different designers, companies and crafters so you can find out more about them and their fantastic products. This time we have been chatting to the lovely Claire from Wool Couture!

Wool Couture

Kym: Thanks so much for chatting to me Claire, so how did Wool Couture begin?

Claire: I have been crafting since I was 8 and I decided to leave my job as an NHS Director and follow my real passion which is everything from knitting, crochet, macrame and weaving.

Wool Couture

Kym: We love hearing about people who have left their day job to follow their crafty passion, it’s just great! Tell us a little about your company ethos.

Claire: I have suffered with depression since I was 18 and crafting has been my salvation. We want to spread our love and passion for handmade crafts.

Wool Couture

Kym: That is so inspirational! We are so excited to be stocking your macrame rope in our store. What makes yours different from the other macrame products out there?

Claire: Its 100% cotton and so smooth to work with, so no sore hands :).

Wool Couture

Kym: Yes, no more macrame sore hands, brilliant! I believe you craft all of your knitting needles and crochet hooks in house. This is so cool. How do you make this happen?

Claire: We manufacture our giant knitting and crochet tools, plus all of our weaving looms. Whilst I may love wool and fibre, Ali – who also owns the business loves wood and she designs all of our wooden tools.

Wool Couture

Kym: Fantastic! Tell us about the wonderful people, other than yourself, in the Wool Couture Team.

Claire: Small and sweet and we all love crafting. There’s less than 10 of us and I have to say they are the best team I have ever been part of.

Wool Couture

Kym: What would you say the typical day-to-day activities at the Wool Couture HQ are?

Claire: Customers are our number one priority. Queries come first, getting orders out next, tea break at 11am and Harriet or Tom tend to bring in the cakes. Then once we have looked after our customers we can do anything from developing new products, spending time on social media, meeting with suppliers, stock takes – it can be a little bit crazy at times :).

Wool Couture

Kym: I think all small businesses can relate to that! What do you consider to be the company’s biggest achievement to date?

Claire: We have customers that like what we do and this is the biggest achievement of all. Also the gaining investment on Dragon’s Den and getting contracts with John Lewis.

Wool Couture

Kym: Those are amazing achievements, you were super brave to face the Dragons! Finally, just for fun, how would you describe your style in just three words.

Claire: Fun, Rich and Eclectic.

Kym: Thanks so much, Claire!

Wool Couture

You can purchase Wool Couture macrame yarn and find all of our macrame products in our West Hampstead shop or shop online here

Let us know in the comments below who you would like to see featured in Meet the Maker next time!

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