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More Merchant & Mills sewing patterns in stock

Our Merchant & Mills sewing patterns are so popular! With simple, classic silhouettes and a total lack of fussy details, these patterns tick a lot of boxes. We’ve added four more patterns to our inventory and we’re now stocking all of the company’s multisize paper patterns. Here is what’s new:

The Trapeze Dress – The Trapeze Dress is Merchant & Mills’ signature dress. It features three versions – short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and sleeveless.

Merchant & Mills Sewing Patterns - The Trapeze Dress Top 64 – Inspired by the classic fisherman’s top, Top 64 is a feminine version that is more than a jumper but less then a jacket. It works well in fabrics as diverse as heavy wool and oilskin.

Merchant & Mills sewing patterns - Top 64The 101 Trouser Set – The 101 Trouser Set features three versions – cropped & tapered trouser, wide straight trouser or shorts. Suitable fabrics: linen, soft cottons, fine wool, wool crepe, washed silk or rayon. 
Merchant & Mills sewing patterns The 101 Trouser SetBolster – A beautiful and cleverly designed cushion can be yours for the small investment of some time and application, a drop of cloth and a tiny bit of cash.

Merchant & Mills sewing patterns bolster

Merchant & Mills sewing patterns bolster

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