Morning sewing (a star quilt update)

Last week I tried something new – getting up a little earlier each day for some sewing time. “Me” time. It was surprisingly easier to jump out of bed, Julia Child-style, full of energy (well, at least more energy than usual) knowing my day was going to start with time at the machine rather than straight to the business of getting myself to work. The luxury of sewing time and my first cup of coffee at home has been a revelation.

I hope I do keep this up because progress on the star quilt has been significant. Here is a first finished block:

Slowly, because paper piecing seems to have quite a few steps, it is all coming together.

From this…

To this…

Then this…

And all of this…

Finally to this…¬†(that little Selfridges bag in the background is also packed with the bigger scraps, mainly small triangles. What to do with all of them??)

Only eight more blocks to go!

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