New in stock at The Village Haberdashery! Rough Cut by Ellen Luckett Baker, Nani Iro brushed cotton, sparkly Echino canvas and more!

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We had a huge delivery of amazing Japanese fabric this week! Here is a peek at what is in the shop. Double gauze, brushed cotton, cotton sateen, canvas – and every single bolt is worth coveting!

Rough Cut by Ellen Luckett Baker

Rough Cut has arrived! This stunning collection by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka includes both double gauze and cotton/linen canvas. Ellen created Rough Cut by cutting the designs onto paper and then digitally colouring them to create fabric designs.

Rough Cut by Ellen Luckett Baker

We are crazy about this collection! Our heads are spinning with ideas for both garments and bags. Check out the #roughcutfabric tag on Instagram for inspiration – like these great fabric baskets and clutch purses!

Rough Cut by Ellen Luckett Baker

We are stocking the five double gauze fabrics (main photo) and three canvas fabrics (above) pictured and we can’t wait to see what you make with them! Find them in the shop here.

Rough Cut by Ellen Luckett Baker

Pikku Saari by Eri Shimatsuka

Pikku Saari is the first collection from Eri Shimatsuka, who was born in Japan and is now based in Helsinki! Pikku Saari means a small island in Finnish and the collection was inspired by the many small islands in the sea surrounding Helsinki. We have two cotton/linen canvas fabrics and one pretty double gauze on hand! Find them in the shop here.

Pikku Saari by Eri Shimatsuka for Kokka

Muddy Works cotton sateen

New from the Muddy Works collection by Tomotake, these beautiful, silky soft cotton sateens are perfect for garment sewing. Find them in the shop here.

Muddy Works Cotton Sateen

Nani Iro brushed cotton

This gorgeous stack of Nani Iros is brushed cotton! Super soft and cosy, these fabrics are a perfect choice for pyjamas, lap duvets, quilt backs and more! The bottom one in the stack pictured also has pink metallic accents! Find our Nani Iro fabrics in the shop here.

Nani Iro Brushed Cotton by Naomi Ito

Echino linen/cotton canvas

We have two awesome new linen/cotton canvas fabrics from Echino! Both have striking silver metallic accents and are perfect for bags, light upholstery and more! Find them in the shop here.

Echino Sparkly Cotton/Linen Canvas

Trefle double gauze honeycombs

This fun honeycomb-print double gauze features little metallic gold bees! We’d love to stitch this up into a dress, a quilt or a scarf! Find it in the shop here.

Kokka Trefle Honeycomb Double Gauze

Trefle double gauze constellations

We are mad about this constellation-print double gauze from the Trefle collection! Super soft, this fabric would be perfect for pyjamas, little dresses, baby swaddling blankets and so many other things! Find it in the shop here.

Kokka Trefle Constellations Double Gauze

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