Oh my hexagon!

I spent the weekend sewing hexagons together – 198 sides sewn together, to be precise. And that’s after the strips were sewn together. Whew! But I’m really happy with how this baby quilt is coming along. And I had seasons 2-5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm to keep me company, which made ALL the difference.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you any more than this (yet), because it’s a gift.

Instead, I’m going to share a couple of tutorials with you. This quilt has seriously TRIED my patience, but if you’re going to attempt machine piecing hexagons together, don’t start without checking out these posts:

1. So Happy: How to Sew Hexagons by Machine – Kristen walks you through sewing hexagons as she pieces a gorgeous Good Folks quilt.

2. Lady Harventine: Hexagonia – Liz shows you how to make perfect hexagonal intersections in her instructional video.

All I can say is – good luck, be patient, and have a glass of wine close to hand!

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