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I brought Ed’s mum Sarah with me to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this year and she admired the Grove print in Straw from Cloud9’s Nature Walk collection. Afterward I ordered a couple of metres with the intention of making a quilt…but the time just got away from me. She may still get a quilt someday, but in the meantime our Christmas gift to her was a selection of local and artisanal foodie treats from our visits to Healdsburg, California and Seattle so I made her a shopping bag for the goodies.

It's awfully hard to take an interesting photo of a flat bag!

I’d call this a tote bag but every time I say that Ed looks at me funny – clearly “tote” is not a widely used bag description here in England. So I’ll call it a shopping bag, even though I used the Reversible Tote pattern from Stitch by Stitch, a wonderful beginner sewing book by Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch. It was easy and quick to sew and very professional looking (a lining will do that, won’t it?)

I sewed this on Christmas day whilst our turkey was in the oven, with Ed by my side writing on his blog. We were together on our own for Christmas dinner this year which ended up being very cozy and comforting. And did I tell you how last minute everything was? We bought our turkey literally in the final hour at Waitrose on Christmas Eve and it was only £11 down from £30. Sometimes, procrastination pays off!

In case you’re wondering what’s in the bag, I’ll tell you. Truffle salt (a-mah-zing*), chocolate port, fig jam and cheese from Healdsburg and Market Spice tea, smoked salmon and Theo’s chocolate from Seattle. If you go to the West Coast of the U.S. call me first, would you? I’ll send you with a shopping list…

*Heather that’s for you. And anyone else who watches Happy Endings.

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