Our Christmas Gift Guide for crafty kids!

Welcome to the first post in our series of Christmas Gift Guides! First up we have some ideas for presents for kids!

Christmas Gift Guide

The perfect beginner sets for kids to get them into Knitting, Crochet and Sewing. These kits by Buttonbag contain all the tools, supplies and step by step guides they will need to get them started with a new hobby! For our knitting and crochet kits click here, and find the sewing ones here.

Sewing knitting and crochet kits for kids

These felt animal kits also by Buttonbag are also perfect for little hands to get sewing. The Stegosaurus is perfect for younger ages too as it has pre punched holes for the stitching and the Penguin and Bunnies are just so sweet!

Sewing kits for kids

We have so many colouring supplies that you could put together to make a super fun gift! Choose from our great selection of Fabre-Castelle colouring in pencils and pens here.

Colouring in supplies

We just love these colour in tote bags and notebooks. We even have colour in Washi tape!

Colour in textiles

For more colouring in fun how about these blank bags paired with some fabric pens!

Blanks for colouring with fabric pens

For the future interior designers out there we have these really cool wooden Wall Charms that can be painted, decoupaged, covered in washi tape…the options are endless.

Wall Charms to decorate

Pair these with our acrylic paint and some brushes for a great crafty gift.

Acrylic Paint supplies

And how about some glitter?!


Stamps are a great introduction to crafting and so fun for kids to experiment with.

Stamping supplies

And who doesn’t love stickers?


Our blank notebooks would be perfect to add together with these.

Buttonbag notebooks for kids

We also have a great range of felt, trims and buttons that you could combine together for a sweet gift.

Felt and trims

Keep an eye out for more Christmas Gift Guides coming soon!

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