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Our favourite lilac products! Fabric, yarn, craft supplies & more!

Lilac has become such a popular colour and we can't imagine that changing any time soon! We've created a place in the shop for lilac lovers and are answering a few frequently asked questions about lilac here today.

What is lilac?

Lilacs are flowers and the colour lilac is a shade of purple. Lilacs the flowers come in many variations but the shade we've come to think of as lilac is a beautiful pale pinky purple. 

Lilacs by Floret

Photo credit Floret Flowers

What is the difference between lilac and lavender?

Lavender is a pale purple that leans more blue while the lilac is as a pale purple that leans more pink. But don't worry if you fall in love with a shade that isn't technically lilac. Look at the colours below. Who is to say which is the real lilac? The lilac police? No!

Shades of Lilac

Who can wear lilac?

Everyone! We are big fans of wearing whatever you want and whatever makes you feel great. But the truth is lilac is complementary to so many skin tones and hair colours. Try different shades to find the shade of lilac you love the most! Check out the #lilacloversclub hashtag to see lilac look amazing on everyone!

And if you don't want to wear it but you still want lilac in your life, we've got lilac washi tape for that!

What colours look good with lilac?

Two of our favourite lilac colour stories are lilac, rust and olive and lilac, pale pink and pale peach.

Lilac colour story

Lilac colour story

We also love lilac with gingham and denim!

Lilac Colour Story

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Lilac at The Village Haberdashery


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