Our favourite resources for sewing with double gauze!

We love cotton double gauze because it is floaty and soft, lending itself to both special garments and beautiful quilts.

Double Gauze

In recent years double gauze gone from something you can only find in highly-coveted Japanese fabric collections (perhaps you’ve heard the name Nani Iro?) to being produced by some of the biggest quilting fabric manufacturers in the industry (perhaps you’ve heard of Cotton and Steel?)

Nani Iro Double Gauze

But it’s still new to many of our customers and every time we share a picture on Instagram, we get questions! We have a few favourite resources to share and we wanted to put them all in one place to give you the courage and inspiration to try double gauze if you haven’t already.

Parallels double gauze

First, start by watching this video by Cotton and Steel. They produced it when they launched their first double gauze collection a couple of years ago. It has sewing tips and suggestions and is going to make you want to get started straight away! Sorry – it’s driving me crazy but I can’t get this video to centre!!

Next, check our our own blog post Tips for dressmaking with double gauze by Jenni Smith. It’s extremely comprehensive and you’ll get to see more pics of the cute Tilly and the Buttons Bettine Dress Jenni made with our double gauze!

Tips for dressmaking with double gauze

Finally, Colette Patterns did a blog post on double gauze with even more information, plus lots of cute pattern ideas too.

Colette Double Gauze

Are you inspired? Yes? You can find our current selection of double gauze (and we add new prints all the time!) right here.

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