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Polka-dot “Boden” dress

I made this dress last summer but didn’t actually finish it until recently. The fabric is from John Lewis and we picked the print because it looked like something out of the Mini Boden catalogue but I purchased it before I really started following fabric designers so of course I don’t actually know who designed it. The pattern is Simplicity 2680.¬†It hung in DSD’s closet for about a year before we pulled it out and I made some alterations and finished it. What I’m most proud of is how well I centred those polka dots.

I finished the raw edges with store-bought bias tape. I was out of white thread so I used pink on the inside stitches. Let’s just call it a design element. I don’t absolutely love how it looks but it’s neat and I think it will keep it together. We used an embroidery stitch on the hem.

What do you think, could it pass for Boden? Maybe? From a distance…?

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