Pretty Potent by Anna Maria Horner now in stock

If you follow us on instagram you’ve seen Pretty Potent by Anna Maria Horner trickle in, a few bolts at a time. Now that we have nearly all of our order in, I thought it was time to properly announce it!

As always, these fabrics are a) way more stunning in real life b) packed with totally amazing and surprising colour combinations c) equally gorgeous for dressmaking and quiltmaking and d) absolutely mad as a collection, like nothing seems to go together apart from the underlying theme (plants that are pretty and also have healing properties), but that’s why we love her so much!

Here is our quilting cotton selection!

pretty potent anna maria horner

Here is our voile!

pretty potent voile anna maria horner

And here is our rayon!

pretty potent rayon anna maria horner

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