Quilt Market recap – day four

Yesterday was the last day of Quilt Market! A lot of people flew out early so it was a bit quieter on the show floor. I’m still in Houston but next time I come to market I’ll fly out on the last day. This was definitely a learning experience!

I had more meetings yesterday and my first stop was at Kokka where I placed an order for Ruby Star Shining! I’m so excited about the fabric and it’s even more meaningful after having met Melody and her friend/business partner Allison this week. I could just kick myself for not getting a picture of Melody herself, but I did get several snaps of the samples she made for the Kokka booth so you can see what’s coming.

Don’t you love that laptop case made out of the vintage typewriter print? I think that may be ironic, but as an American I frequently think things are ironic when they aren’t so I’ll get back to you on that once my husband confirms…

Next I finally had a chance to sit down with Cloud9. I met Michelle and Gina at the Modern Quilt Guild meetup and I kept moseying by the booth to see if I could move up our meeting and it was always packed. What an amazing job they’ve done growing their business! I’m really excited about the collections they have coming up.

Two of the first you’ll see in our shop are Ed Emberley’s Happy Drawing which includes a really fun cut and sew panel with cut out animals. How fun is that? It’s your next rainy day, sorted.

And the stunning Alegria by Geninne D. Zlatkis.Before finishing my day I passed by Moda, where Katy, Tacha and Flock designer Thomas Knauer had taken over a table. Stopping to chat gave me time to admire the beautiful quilt showcasing British designer Lu Summers‘ new collection, Summersville. Of course I neglected to take a picture, but luckily she has the quilt on her blog. How fresh and clean does this look? Perfect!

I fly home to London in a few hours. Once I have a chance to go through my haul, I will most certainly have some giveaways. Check back in a couple of days!

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