Quilt Market recap – day three

I spent a lot of time yesterday just looking at fabric so I can share news about some of the wonderful collections coming out in the next few months.

First, check out the debut collection Curious Intent by David Butler for his new brand Parson Gray. By far one of the most unique collections I’ve seen at Market, Curious Intent includes 24 quilting weight cottons and 12 cotton sateen home dec weight fabrics, all in very man-friendly prints. When this ships, I’ll finally have an answer to Ed’s frequent question, “why don’t you ever sew anything for me?”

Here’s a snap of David, who, by the way, is Amy Butler‘s husband, in front of his busy booth.

And some of the prints.

Whilst hovering around FreeSpirit land, I managed to get my hands on a catalogue and guess what caught my eye?

That’s right, ladies, the rumours are true, the campaign has been successful! Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt is being reprinted and is shipping in February. The colours are apparently a bit brighter, as was Denyse’s wish. I asked a rep if Denyse had a new collection planned for FreeSpirit and she looked about to burst. You heard it here – by spring Market there will be a new Denyse Schmidt collection. You may be amused to know I was wearing my Chevron Sorbetto as I was having this conversation. Geek.

I stopped by to meet Patty Sloniger, winner of Project Selvage, in the Michael Miller booth. Patty’s Backyard Baby collection, an adorable range of little boy prints, was chosen by the Spoonflower community as the collection they most want to see on the shelves of quilt shops this year. The girl version, Bella Butterfly, is also launching at Market.

I also had a nice chat with Alissa Haight Carlton, one of the founders of the Modern Quilt Guild, about starting up a London chapter, which I cannot believe doesn’t already exist. What do you think – anyone care to join me? And on the subject of modern quilting, look at this beautiful all-solids quilt in the Kona booth. Love!

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